Currently, the only way to apply for YouTube Partnership is through a YouTube Network or Partnership Network. To read more about how YouTube Partner Networks work make sure you read this post on Fastest Way to be a Full YouTube Partner for free.

As of right now, applying direct to YouTube for Partnership means that you don’t reap the full benefits of being a partner, which includes; custom thumbnails, free promotion and scheduled uploading. YouTube Partnership Networks are YouTube accounts which YouTube have allowed permission to be a network, which means it is allowed to ‘add channels’ to their YouTube account, thus allowing you full partnership status.

Some networks require you to have specific stats like 1,000 views per day. To check your YouTube stats go to: and enter in your channel name.

Here’s a list of all the popular YouTube Partnership Networks and their niche and requirements.


Socialblade (Recommended)

Everyone probably knows SocialBlade from their YouTube channel stats tool, but did you know they have a partnership program? Conveniently they have a 6+ minute video telling you exactly what you need to know about their partnership program which you can view here. Socialblade does not specialise in any type of videos like other networks and also has a dashboard run by Makers Studio, which is another plus as to why I recommend Socialblade.

One way to apply for Socialblade is through this link: Apply for YouTube Partnership at Socialblade.You can also apply to SocialBlade using their YouTube stats checker here. If you’re eligible, you will see a Apply for Partner button which is yellow. They generally respond back within a day and if you see that button, you will generally be accepted. They also have a YouTube channel called Socialblade which has many helpful tutorials ranging from YouTube Partnership to tutorials on their websites.



VEVO is a company which is operated by the big names: Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Abu Dhabi Media. For this exact reason, the channel specialises in music which is why you see all big singers and bands with YouTube accounts under VEVO (You can tell by the VEVO in their username or the background of the videos). Unfortunately VEVO is a private network meaning you can’t just apply and hope to get in. You must be invited. The chances of you being invited are generally slim as they host all the big name artists such as; Justin Bieber, Eminem and Lady Gaga.


Maker Studios

Maker Studios is one of the bigger media companies. It hosts the big names such as RayWilliamJohnson, KassemG and LisaNova just to name a few. It has it’s own company in Los Angelas and has slowly branched out into music. The funny thing is the smaller YouTube networks such as TheGameStation (One of the most popular YouTube networks for gamers) and Socialblade are also under the main company of Maker Studios. They boast more then 80 million subscribers and over 1 billion views a month which just shows you how big they are.

You can apply for Maker Studios here

BigFrame is a music YouTube network similar to Vevo. Popular YouTubers such as Destorm and MysteryGuitarMan are in these networks but the network is very exclusive and requires you to be a top notch music producer and very popular.

You can read more about BigFrame here



All of you probably know who Machinima are, and the channels they own. They run several channels targetting different niches including Machinima, MachinimaRespawn for commentaries, Machinima Sports for sports and a couple of others. As of late they have been in some dramas including signing young and aspiring talent to long lasting contracts. An example is when BrainDeadly requested to be removed from Machinima, but was told he was not allowed because of the nature of contract he signed. He had signed a perpetuity or life long contract which some could argue was illegal, but ultimately when reading through your contract check how long your locked in for!

This caused uproar including YouTuber’s such as Athene and HuskyStarcraft quitting Machinima along with another big names and joining other gaming Networks such as TheGameStation. Read more about it on Reddit. Machinima boasts more then 120 million subscribers and 30 billion total views. is the next big thing. They are a small company run by former YouTUbe employee George Strompolos who is the current CEO of Fullscreen and the Co-Founder of the YouTube partner networks. This network is arguably the easiest to get into as some sources say you only need 500 or more subscribers and 30,000+ video views a month and you will be considered. Many people who sign up to YouTube networks, sign up to I will also recommend you sign up to as they are popular, have great support and a good looking dashboard.

To apply you can go to: go to the Networks tab and click the yellow, Request More button and a representative will get back to you. Fullscreen boasts 500+ YouTube channels, 500 million monthly views and them being a Top 5 YouTube network.


Curse / Union for Gamers

The best gaming network but one of the hardest to get into (which removes the crap channels). No locked on contracts, straight CPM of $3 and they accept gamers only. You might know Curse from it’s World of Warcraft or Minecraft forums and you should know it’s a really popular and rich gaming content publisher.

You can read more about Curse here



Revision3 is also one of the bigger networks who boasts big names such as SoldierKnowsBest, EpicMealTime and sxephil. They call themselves the “TV Networks for the Internet Generation” which is true. They boast over 8 million subscribers, 2 billion total views but they only have 68 network channels. This generally means they are quite small and exclusive and you would need channels similar to the popularity of the ones listed above to join.

You can read more about Revision3 here



Yeousch are a YouTube networks specialising in games. They are current partners with as Fullscreen handles the money side of things and Yeousch tries to recruit new members to it’s network. Unlike other transparent YouTube networks, I think Yeousch is one of the better ones because they display everything about their network here, including typical CPM (Cost per Mille aka 1000 views) which they say is rarely less then $1.50. So if you sign up, get 10,000 views on a monetized video you’ll receive $15. They currently have two different ways of income (similar to Machinima), either being a partner or a director. A director, you send your video to them and they upload it and a partner you get to upload when ever you want. They also say you get 65% of money, so they take 35%. TGN pay out 80% and so if you’re looking for money, Yeousch isn’t the best alternative.

Your channel must have at least 1,500 subscribers.
Your channel must have at least 75,000 upload views.
Your channel must NOT have any copyright infringement strikes.



TGN is also one of the better YouTube networks in my opinion because they tell you exactly what you want to know. Currently if you sign up to TGN before 2012, you will be locked onto a contract straight away but they offer a 30 day period where you can choose to leave. Unfortunately, In 2013 this will change to 1 year. TGN.TV also offer 80% payout, higher then most companies but they don’t have as many advertisers like other YouTube networks. They require you to have 1,000 views a day, quality content, be at least 1 month old and have more then 15 videos.

You can read more and sign up here.




IGN is one of the more popular brands, but their network doesn’t follow that way. They are arguablly the most professional company when it comes to YouTube networks but unfortunately they are currently invite only or referral only. You can try get in by emailing “Jared from IGN” as apparently he handles the YouTube partnership side of things and can get you partnered.

IGN YouTube Network



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